Poppy’s AMD caused me to always be the designated driver, and he would make me question the severity of his AMD whenever he was a passenger in my car. “You could have gone, love” was a frequent phrase he used to say as my cautiousness prevented me from wanting to turn when I didn’t feel I had enough time. These statements made me laugh, and they’re one of the things I miss most about him. Since Poppy’s AMD diagnosis, I have found myself closing or placing my hand over one of my eyes to try to see what it felt like to be him; to feel what he felt to not be able to see every shape and sight in clear, vivid color. I’m convinced it’s not something one can simulate. But, I can run. On April 1, 2017, the day before what would have been Poppy’s 96th birthday, I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC to honor him. My goal was to raise $1,000 for the Macula Vision Research Foundation, and I am proud to have exceeded that goal and make $1,005. My Poppy may have endured years of sight loss, but I want others to always see each other and everything around them. During training and on race day, I personally donated $5 for every mile I ran. It gave me joy and purpose to know I was running for a cause and a beloved person in my life much larger than myself. Running to, over, and back down a bridge and through the streets of Mount Pleasant and Charleston felt like I was attempting to cross Everest at times, but I kept saying, “For Poppy…run for Poppy.” I could even imagine him saying, “Run, love!” in his wonderful English accent. As I crossed the finish line and waited for my mom to do the same (she walked the course without training – a feat!), I hope Poppy looked down and said, “Gladys, they’ve done it!” to my Nana. He was so humble and never understood why he was adored by so many. But one look into his blue eyes, even during the long stretch when I knew they didn’t feel like the eyes he had always known as AMD took its course, would steal your heart. For nearly 28 glorious years, he stole mine. To know and love my Nana and Poppy was to experience adoration, grace, and devotion on the grandest scale. So, I ran for them and for sight. And, I’ll continue... mvrf welcomes your submissions to SupportSightnewSSm . If you have an article, personal experience or tip that you think would benefit our readers, please submit your materials to info@mvrf.org. We look forward to hearing from you. 13 Macula Vision Research Foundation Spring/Summer 2017