16 Macula Vision Research Foundation Spring/Summer 2017 weArABLe gLASSeS - good for reading documents and, in some cases, product recognition Price range: $2,500-$10,000 Wearable Glasses is a new category of devices that is at the forefront of development. They look like regular glasses, but have video screens on the inside that will focus on a document or newspaper in your hand. In some cases, they can scan that document and read it back to you. Currently, there are three manufacturers of these products. Two companies make glasses with video screens and these models are priced higher. One company makes a device that is audio only and has facial recognition as well as product recognition. 8. Learn to use your eyes more efficiently Learn to use the peripheral part of the retina. You can learn to move your body into positions where it is easier to use your peripheral vision. 9. Substitute “ears for eyes” a. Enjoy audio books and magazines b. Use talking watches, clocks, calculators, scales, glucometers and computer software AUDio DeviCeS - ideal for reading printed material and books aloud Price range: $1,700-$4,000 For people with severe AMD or other eye conditions, sometimes magnification will not be effective. In these cases, an audio device that can scan and read your printed documents may be your best option. Since their invention, these products have become smaller, faster, and less costly. They will not read handwriting, but they will read most printed material and also read in different languages and voices. They can be used for a flat, whole printed page as well as a book turned sideways. Several manufacturers have combined the CCTV with the audio component to allow for magnification, scanning and reading. The flex-arm version of this, combines magnification, scanning & reading, distance and self-viewing all in the same product. ComPUter-reLAteD DeviCeS – ideal for using with your computer - your email and facebook Price range: $1,800-$3,000 These small cameras attach to a computer to view documents, both near and far, as well as capture these documents and read them back to you in an audio voice. Some products can read at a distance with audio capability. There are also computer magnification programs such as ZoomText, Magic and JAWS that will help make your PC easier to read. The camera devices are perfect for small spaces.