17 Macula Vision Research Foundation Spring/Summer 2017 10. Be your own Advocate a. Tell friends and family you are visually impaired and ask that they introduce themselves when approaching you. “Hi Alice, it’s Millie. Are you ready for dinner?” b. Ask for large print menus at restaurants c. Use large print checks from your bank d. Become familiar with community resources such as low vision support groups, transportation services, aging services and recreational programs Do not become dependent on others! Purchase low vision aids and learn to do things differently in order to become more independent. YOU CAN DO IT! I want to take the next step towards independence, but how do I procure these products? First and foremost, get a Low Vision Evaluation from a qualified Low Vision Optometrist or Low Vision Ophthalmologist. This specific examination includes a demonstration of numerous devices to determine which device would be best for both your eye condition and task. If and when you decide to buy a device, only deal with proven manufacturers and make sure to ask about their Return Policy; trade-in program for older devices; and their service and support or training. It also makes sense to ask about any used equipment available, but keep in mind in this case a warranty is very important. These policies are very important when buying higher priced devices. Product Purchases: 1. have specific tasks in mind 2. get a proper evaluation from a low vision specialist 3. never buy anything on the internet 4. find a local professional who specializes in low vision devices 5. make sure to take your time with the procurement of any device we are happy to help you! Contact Lynn Rinaldi, SupportSightSM Program Manager, at LYNN@mvrf.org or by phone at 1-866-462-2852. Contributors Charlie Collins, CPSC Director of Professional Sales, VFO Founder and CEO of CCI Author & International Motivational Speaker Cheshire, CT Lynne P. Noon, OD, FAAO Diplomate in Low Vision Rehabilitation ViewFinder Sun City, AZ John Poth, President SAGE Vision Technology, Inc. West Chester, PA Longstanding SupportSightSM partner with MVRF. VFO dealers offer product education and demonstrations at all SupportSightSM seminars at no cost.