2 Macula Vision Research Foundation Spring/Summer 2017 from oUr Co-foUnDer Dear Friends of MVRF, Twenty years ago this year, Herb and I started the Macula Vision Research Foundation (MVRF) to help millions of people who were gradually losing their precious vision due to macular degeneration. At the time, the doctors knew very little about what caused macular degeneration and how to treat patients with this devastating eye disease. It was surprising to us that there was limited knowledge about what causes macular degeneration and limited interest in supporting the research to find out. We knew we had to change all that and we did! In the two decades since our founding, our steadfast commitment to vision research has led to discoveries on the most promising frontiers. MVRF-funded research has led to a better understanding of what causes macular degeneration and now doctors have more ways to help patients. This has all happened because of you – our loyal and generous donors and supporters – thank you! We hope you will stay with us on this critical path as we remain hopeful that the next twenty years will hold the key to accomplishing our goal of saving sight for millions. Wishing you a fun and safe summer, Karen Lotman