How giving to MVRF monthly can impact the progress of research and provide the support to find a cure without breaking the bank The Visionaries, is a new and robust monthly giving program that not only builds a strong MVRF community of engaged and invested donors, but also creates a reliable and steady stream of revenue that will allow MVRF to continue to fuel groundbreaking vision research and scientific discovery all over the world conducted by the best and brightest researchers. The concept of recurring gifts is simple: donors commit to a donation amount that is paid regularly — most often monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Recurring gifts are safe and reliable. We make it convenient and easy for donors to participate. When signing up to be a member of The Visionaries giving club, you give MVRF permission to automatically charge your credit card every month for a set amount. To join, call or email us today at or 866.462.2852 and demonstrate your personal commitment with regular, ongoing gifts so you can give more a little at a time. JOIN THE CLUB. MAKE AN IMPACT. SAVE SIGHT. WELL DONE. A hUge thAnK yoU to the mvrf CommUnity The Spring 2017 Believing is Seeing 20/20 Campaign was a huge success! 146 donors contributed to the campaign for a total of $20,626. Our anonymous MVRF Champion Donor dollar for dollar match brought the total to $41,252. Thanks to the generosity of our MVRF family this was our most successful campaign to date. 22 Macula Vision Research Foundation Spring/Summer 2017 no one DoeS whAt the mACULA viSion reSeArCh foUnDAtion DoeS Please do not be confused by organizations with similar names. The Macula Vision Research Foundation (MVRF) devotes 100% of your donation to research. That guarantee will always be included in our appeals and communications. Thank you again for your continued interest and support. A fAithfUL SUPPorter AnD BeLiever of mvrf’S miSSion BeCome A viSionAry