3 Macula Vision Research Foundation Spring/Summer 2017 from oUr exeCUtive DireCtor Dear MVRF Friends and Supporters, A little more than twenty years ago, starting the Macula Vision Research Foundation (MVRF) was a new idea talked about amongst a few people namely, Karen and Herb Lotman, who were gravely concerned about a little known serious eye condition that was causing blindness. From a medical research perspective, very little was known about this horrific eye disease that was robbing otherwise healthy people of their vision and forcing them to lose their independence. The quest for treatments and ultimately a cure, seemed daunting. Daunting for sure, but that did not stop our Co-Founders from forging ahead. Who knew that for individuals and families whose loved ones were losing their precious sight due to macular degeneration MVRF was the solution they had been looking for?! Every day, I talk with people who need us. Many of these special conversations include a “thank you for doing what you do and I am so happy I found your group…” I hear this from people who have been with us from the start and from those who just found out about us. The full story of who we are unfolds as you read the pages ahead. It is the story about the scientists who move the needle forward at a fast pace of discovery and the people whose stories we share. The help and hope we can give to patients and how important it is to make MVRF your top priority of charities you give to. Happy 20th Anniversary Macula Vision Research Foundation! Dawn Prall george P.S. Thank you to all of our generous MVRF supporters – you are not just contributing to the potential for a cure that will restore the gift of sightto millions – you are helping to make it happen!