Macula Vision Research Foundation Spring/Summer 2017 9 mvrf: Describe what the experience was like for you. elvina: I was in a total afterglow when the event was finished. I was delighted that the people buzzing around me were all happy to have been a part of the event. mvrf: Since you know first-hand what it takes to plan and execute a Support- SightSm seminar, what impact do you think you’ve now made on those who went to the event? elvina: I wanted to be able to extend to others all the information that I had received over the years. A lot of people don’t know that anything is out there to help them. I wanted to be able to spread that information in the hopes that if it helps just one, if one person gets it, the whole thing was worthwhile. mvrf: what advice can you give to those who attended the event and to any and all others living with AmD? elvina: You have to be your own advocate, which means more than just going to your doctor. Make sure you do go to the doctor with questions, but make sure you reach out to other organizations that can help you. MVRF brings the information, the doctors and the companies with low vision tools. We had this event for a reason. They provide additional information to make your life better and help you cope with what’s happening. These organizations help us deal with our fear, and any organization that can help me cope better with it, puts me in a better place. That was why I was so adamant about bringing you [MVRF] to the people in my community. continued next page elvina wilson – A Spotlight on an mvrf Champion She traveled more than 50 miles to attend a SupportSightSM seminar in Delaware. The event was so worthwhile that she immediately called Lynn at MVRF and worked with us to single- handedly lead the effort to bring the SupportSightSM Program to Delran, NJ and share the knowledge she had learned. On June 20th, a lovely summer evening, 100 people from the community joined MVRF, Elvina and her family to learn more about living withAMD. The house was packed and the tears were flowing. Elvina’s hard work and passion came to fruition! We recently had the privilege to sit down with Elvina and here’s what she had to say... “It was incredibly powerful to be able to stand back as MVRF and all of the presenters were there to help others. I had been working with you [Lynn] for months and then you blew in the door, set everything up and then put on an amazing presentation. I was very proud of MVRF.”