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13 Ed and Lynn Metzger John D. Meyer Salli and Stephen Mickelberg Mid-Atlantic Family Restaurants Wallace and Lin Migura The Wheeler Family Foundation Jonathan Miller Kendal Miller D.L. Miner Construction Inc. Eugene Minor Jule and Leroy Miracle John Mohler Robert Laurie Molday Richard L. Morgan Janet Morgan Andrea and Alvin Moses Brigitta Mottes Joan Mullins David and Barbara Murphy Karyn and Charles Murray Nancy A. Myers and Jerome L. Myers MD Theresa and John Myers Andrew Naglak Henry N. Nassau Ann and Julius Nemeth Newly Weds Foods John Newquist Ralph Nixon Norman C. Ray Trust Nan Norton Novartis Anita Novembre Marjorie Kaiz Offer George Ohlendorf Marcha Loe Ollason The Olszewski Family Charitable Fund Optelec U.S. John R. Orovets Rufus M. Overlander III Elaine Owles John and Susan Parker Barbara and David Partington David Pastrick Kevin Patterson Dina and Leonard Pavel Robert Pearse Pelino and Budenz Families Donald Guy Pelino Bob and Edith Penick Penn Emblem Company Phil Ad Mac Inc. Philadelphia Eagles Edward and Kay Philipps Susan Philips Claire Polstein Alan Poole Thomas Pope Joseph Poveromo Dawn Prall George Stacy and Robert Pressman Anne Pritchett Diann and Martin Quinlan Frank Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rabena Rae S. Uber Trust Nick Ranieri Beatrice J. Rasiwala George Rayl Diane Raynes Diane and Michael Richard John A. Richards Catherine Bowes Rickman Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ring Jr. Milton Ritter and Rita Wolf Hugo and Kathy Ritzenthaler Roberta and Ernest Scheller Jr. Family Foundation James M. Roberts Barbara Rocks Rocks Family Foundation Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southeastern MI Vanessa Rose Theodore Rosen Judy and Richard Rosenbleeth Philip J. and Julie C. Rosenfeld Dr. and Mrs. Scott E. Rosenthal Wayne Rosenwinkel Idell and Marvin Rosner Evelyn Rossetti Jane Roth David and Ruth Rowe Marcia and Ron Rubin John A. Rudy Anthony Rudy Donald Rushin S. Paone Inc. Mrs. Lois Sachs Sage Vision Technology John Poth Saks Fifth Avenue The Samaha Family Mr. and Mrs. George W. Samson Dr. Renata Sarno Barbara and Howard Sarrett Paul D. and Janet C. Schrage Charitable Fund Walter and Janet Schuchmann Matthew Schure Herb Schwabe Ann and Richard Schwarz Robert L. Seay Dolores and William Seiberlich Cornelia H. Seidel Joseph Sekellick Joseph Senn R.A. Shafer Eli Shapiro Irv Sharf Hilda and Gene Sharf Christopher Shirley Dr. Arlyne Taub Shockman Genevieve Shuler Martin Shuwall Macula Vision Research Foundation SpringSummer 2015