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17 Macula Vision Research Foundation SpringSummer 2015 A Perspective on Lifetime gifts As an estate planning attorney my clients have found planned giving to be personally rewarding. Lifetime gifts to non-profit organizations and charities allow the donor during their lifetime to see the impact of their kind heartedness. Many times planned giving is directed to a charity the donor was involved in or connected to during their life. Other times the gift is directed to a non-profit research organization like the Macula Vision Research Foundation MVRF with a focus on finding a cure to a disease that has personally impacted the donor or their family. I have witnessed firsthand how a planned gift made to MVRF by one of my clients has allowed her and her family to feel an incredible sense of self-satisfaction resulting from a lifetime of hard work and personal sacrifice. Also like with most charitable giving there may be significant tax advantages both during life and through an estate that provide additional benefits and reasons for the donor to make a planned gift. I always advise my clients that you dont have to be wealthy to make a planned gift. I encourage them to remember this simple yet meaningful phrase If people who can make a difference dont make a difference what difference will it make Travis L. Fliehman Esq. Detling Harlan Fliehman Ltd. Greenville Ohio Have you considered naming the Macula Vision Research Foundation in your estate planning We encourage you to consult an attorney for estate planning purposes or an accounting professional for advice on what may work best for you in order to accomplish your personal financial and charitable goals. If you would like more information and to speak with us about the We Will program please contact Deborah-Jo Essrog director of development at 1-866-462-2852 or 1 Annuity rates set as per the American Council on Gift Annuities. Your eyes will always be closer to your soul than to any other part of your body except the heart. Sorin Cerin Wisdom Collection The Book of Wisdom