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2 Macula Vision Research Foundation SpringSummer 2015 FROM OUR CO-FOUNDER Dear Friends of MVRF Eighteen years ago when Herb and I started MVRF little was known about macular degeneration and there was limited interest in supporting research on AMD and retinal diseases despite the fact that the number of people with low vision was growing. A lot has changed in two decades. Now much more is known important discoveries have been made in vision research and our scientists believe that a cure for macular degeneration is imminent. We are so thankful for the wonderful people who have helped and continue to help make this happen - our determined researchers the low vision community and their families who we help through our SupportSightSM program and our generous MVRF donors. In this issue we recognize those who gave in 2014. With your support you are helping to fulfill the vision that Herb and I had of a world where everyone can see clearly. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude and remember that in the research we have helped to fund so far and in the even more important work to come our goal is to reward your support and dedication with a cure. It may come in the discovery of a new drug a surgical procedure or some combination thereof. It will come. Warmest regards Karen Lotman Co-Founder