MVRF’s FREE newsletter, SupportSightNEWSSM, has a circulation of approximately 40,000 across the country and is designed to be reader friendly for those with impaired vision. We publish two times a year on a seasonal schedule. The newsletter includes important updates on MVRF-funded research, new developments in retinal disease and practical information for patients, families and caregivers. The purpose is to provide credible and accurate information that helps empower individuals so that they better understand eye health, remain independent for as long as possible, and to share the inspirational stories of people living with low vision. If you’re serious about your journey with low vision, this is the newsletter for you!

MVRF is proud to acknowledge those in whose memory or honor we have received donations of $1,000 or more in our SupportSightNEWSSM. This is a meaningful way to memorialize the passing of a loved one or celebrate the birthday or anniversary of someone close to you while having a lasting impact. If you would like to recognize a loved one in our next issue, please contact Dawn Prall George, executive director, at 1-866-462-2852 or

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