Bequests are provisions in your will to MVRF. The ultimate gift. Interested in making a bequest? Contact Dawn Prall George, executive director, at 1-866-462-2852 or

iS_38650744(SeniorWoman)Barbara loved to travel – and each trip was an adventure! Over the past 55 years she had visited 21 countries; some of them more than once. She was thankful she had done all that traveling while her eyesight was good because now it was a different story. At age 82, she knew her globetrotting days were limited. She could not see well enough to travel anymore – everything was dark and blurry.

Barbara accepted that life would be different from now on. Her home was filled with souvenirs, works of art and treasures from every part of the globe and this brought her many joyful memories of all the amazing places and people she had met along the way.

At that moment, she decided to contact her attorney and add the Macula Vision Research Foundation (MVRF) to her will. Both her mother and her sister had AMD and there was no doubt in her mind that she wanted to do everything within her power to make sure that future generations of her family would no longer suffer from this horrific disease.

MVRF was the perfect beneficiary. She had been sending a check every December for the past six years and she loved that 100% of her annual gift want directly to fund the research for a cure. All the other charities she gave to were not like that. She believed that MVRF was a smart investment and her attorney agreed. She knew that her legacy would be fulfilled someday soon and that if it didn’t happen in her lifetime, her estate gift would make a difference for people in the future.